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There are various methods of obtaining AT/service for a person with a disability. Either taking full responsibility or relying on assistance from public agencies, private insurance, charities and other sources for an AT/service, you advocate for yourself by understanding your need for an appropriate AT.  Here are resources that you might want to explore.


If you have private insurance, check with the insurance company about your need to acquire an AT. If you have no private insurance, seek for public insurance. In addition, if you are eligible for Medicare/Medicaid or Worker’s Compensation, this is another resource that you can rely on.

Public Agencies

Public agencies is another source that you can count on for financial assistance.

Department of Education: If you seek for an AT for educational advancement, please contact the State Department of Education in Hawaii (DOE). Special Education Program at DOE provides free appropriate educational programs and services to enable all children with disabilities to become self-sufficient to the extent their disabilities permit. Special Education staff will work with you to develop a written individualized education program (IEP) and AT devices/services are included in the IEP. Here is the State DOE website: http://doe.k12.hi.us/

Department of Human Services (DHS): If you, as a supervisor, have employees with disabilities, you can request accommodations for your employees.  Approved accommodations may be funded by the Department.

If you need an AT to obtain an employment, you can seek for assistance from Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). Services available at DVR may include evaluation, counseling, medical restoration, training, rehabilitation technology, on-the-job personal assistance services, telecommunication devices, maintenance, job placement, follow-up, and transportation.

DVR also serves any individual with a severe disability to help the individual be more independent in the family or community. Services that are available to you include counseling, independent living skills training, transportation, rehabilitation technology, personal assistance services, provision of prosthesis or other devices.  Here is the DVR website: http://humanservices.hawaii.gov/vocationalrehab/ 

Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii (LDAH)

LDAH has Persons in Need (PIN) Program, which makes financial awards to benefit children with serious medical conditions and special needs. PIN applications are reviewed and awards are made through the year as funds are available. To learn more about the program and eligibility, visit the website: http://www.ldahawaii.org/index-2.html


Check with your local church, Lions club, Rotary club, and others as there might be resources available to support you to obtain an AT device/service. 

ATRC Loan Program

This is your opportunity to take advantage of an affordable alternative for assistive technology financing. ATRC, in partnership with American Savings Bank, is making reduced-interest, extended-term loans available to qualified borrowers to purchase the vital assistive technology that can improve or maintain your level of independence, productivity, and quality of life. A loan can range from $500 to $30,000 and can be used for any AT purchase.  Use this program for a lower interest rate as well as a customized repayment plan.


The loan program application process is open to any individual with a disability residing in the State of Hawaii. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply. If you are not 18, a family member or guardian must serve as your applicant. Family members, guardians, and conservators may apply for a loan on behalf of an individual with a disability, if the person is unable to apply themselves. To apply for this loan you can contact Barbara Fischlowitz- Leong at 808.532.7112 or barbara@atrc.org. Type your paragraph here.

ATRC operates a Computer Redistribution Program to assist persons with disabilities who do not have access to a computer.

We know that the computer is a necessary tool today for education and employment opportunities, information, such as banking, and shopping, and that the computer and other technology make the community and world more accessible for all regardless of your ability.

To operate and maintain this program staff and volunteers have developed a list of companies and individual donors that are willing to donate working/usable computers. ATRC follows NIST SP 800-88 guidelines to sanitize hard drives as part of our refurbishing process, upgrade computers, and add AT software as needed.

To request a computer or donate a computer, monitor, printer, keyboard, or other equipment, please contact Jensen Tabil at 808-532-7114 or jensen@atrc.org. Download a printable Computer Redistribution Program Application 2014.

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